The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture
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The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture

The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture is a 15-minute sequential stretch and strengthening program that is designed for people of all fitness levels, from professional athletes to fitness novices.

What it Does
If performed regularly, The SOAR Method enables patients to have perfect posture. It does this by improving their balance, agility, and strength. With better posture, patients experience relief from back and neck pain, more energy, increased alertness and they also appear taller (up to 2"!), thinner and younger.

How it Works

The SOAR Method is a sequential workout, so it targets every major muscle group and joint. It's often compared to yoga, but it's actually closer to a ballet dancer's warmup. Every exercise works to improve balance, agility and strength.

  • Balance
Balance is a skill we learn as children, but most of us lose it as we adapt a more sedentary lifestyle. Improving balance reduces the likelihood of falls and injuries which becomes increasingly important as we age. Many of The SOAR Method exercises challenge us to relearn this crucial skill.

  • Agility
The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture uses carefully designed stretches to improve full range of motion to the spine, the hips, the shoulders and the neck. It allows for more grace and fluidity in our movements which, in turn, make it easy to stand up straight and tall.

  • Strength
Increasing strength is a crucial part of The SOAR Method. But what makes the SOAR Method unique is that it is designed by a chiropractor and posture specialist, so it's not only safe for the neck and back, but it also alleviates pain in those sensitive areas. By fully engaging the torso, it builds strength in the abdomen and back which are the muscles that allow us to stand up straight. After completing the SOAR Method, proper posture feels natural and easy.
"The SOAR Method is a crucial part of my exercise regime! I'm able to work harder, better, and longer because of it."
Corinne L.