The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture
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Dr. Beverley Marr
Chiropractor and Posture Specialist

        Dr. Beverley A. Marr graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has been practicing since 1995. Since then she's had the privilege of treating hundreds of patients throughout Connecticut.  Her chiropractic practice, Stamford Healthcare Associates, was recently voted best in Stamford, CT.
        Dr. Marr originally developed The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture for her equestrian patients, who require perfect posture and balance to ride. She soon realized, however, that all of her patients could benefit from this 15-minute stretch and strengthening program. After treating her patients with The SOAR Method, Dr. Marr noticed they were healing faster, feeling better and they were much less likely to injure themselves in the future.

     Since introducing the SOAR Method to her patients, Dr. Marr has brought it to her local community with demonstrations and lectures. After seeing the demand for a program that was safe for the neck and back and improved pain, she released The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture on DVD. For more information about the DVD and to purchase a copy, click here.

To see Dr. Marr on News8 WTNH explaining the importance of good posture and how The SOAR Method can help, click here.

To visit Stamford Healthcare Associates' website, click here.

"I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and professional Dr. Marr was....We were able to get to the root of my problems and from there it only got better."
Corrinne L.

"Riding is all about balance, agility and strength.  When my riders were injured or couldn't maintain correct balance, The SOAR Method was developed as a way to maintain the perfect posture after an adjustment.  It was then further developed for use in my entire patient population.  It is quick, can be as easy or as difficult as warranted and the best thing is my patients love doing it!"

Dr. Beverley Marr